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When it comes to your website, you need the reassurance that it’s working around the clock, without any hassle. You also want to know that if any issues do arise that they can be dealt with quickly and effectively. Which is why, as a freelance front end and WordPress developer in Hampshire, working alongside the UK’s leading hosting provider, I make sure that my clients’ websites are working successfully at all times. Whether you just want me to host your site or you’re looking for maintenance or on hand support, I make sure you have ‘geek free’ help at all times, you’ll find only plain English spoken here.

My complete website management services mean that you are able to focus on spending time on what you do best; managing and growing your business. Through my expert WordPress support and WordPress maintenance services, you’ll have guaranteed uptime and the reassurance that your site is kept running super fast at all times so that your clients and potential clients can easily access your website. I also ensure that backups are taken to make sure that if the unthinkable happens, I’ve always got a backup for you. Don’t leave your website to chance, get in touch with me today.


This plan has currently got 40% off taking it down to £75. Put together for small businesses looking for a guru on hand to guide them through the process, and it comes with 2hrs worth of development each month to improve your site. This also comes with hosting (including daily backups and uptime monitoring), security checks, broken link monitoring and we’ll also ensure your website stays up to date with the latest software.


This plan includes everything above, but you get double the amount of development time (4 hours), and we’ll regularly audit your site to ensure it’s SEO friendly and loading quickly.


This plan is made for those businesses who want to partner with me to improve their site, you’ll get everything above, 8hrs worth of development time every month and I’ll be on hand to o er proactive advice and ideas to improve your site.


Just need hosting? I can provide hosting with jargon free support for £20/pm.

I’d be more than happy to help you with your next project so do get in touch. Using my experience of working in a wide of range of services, combined with my extensive development skills, you’ll soon discover a hub of fresh thinking and creativity. What are you waiting for? Fill in your details below and I’ll be in contact for a chat pretty soon.

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