My top 5 WordPress plugins…

I’ve been building WordPress websites as a Freelance Front End Developer for some time now and over the years, I’ve come across many WordPress plugins, some good and some not so.

So, here we are my top 5 WordPress plugins (many which will be found on most builds I do).

1) Advanced Custom Fields Pro

This will be found on nearly every single WordPress theme I build. I like to ensure that my clients are able to edit as much as possible on their site and able to do it with ease. This plugin does just that.

2) Contact Form 7

This is a simple Contact Form, that allows you to easily build custom forms and also very flexible with the styling.

3) Yoast

It’s important that your site is visible, and Yoast does just this with giving you suggestions in WordPress dashboard as to how you can improve your SEO.

4) WP All Import

I’ve worked on a fair few directory/ecommerce sites, and one time consuming task can be inputing all the content into the site. This plugin makes it a breeze, being able to import data from a CSV. Not only does it save you time, but it reduces the human error factor too!

5) WP Super Cache

These days it’s important that websites load quickly, and this plugin does just that by helping to cache certain parts of your site.


I know that I only said 5, but there’s two more which I think are worth a mention and they are All In One Security & Regenerate Thumbnails.

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